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Look out for scam on Pure application

Look out for scam on Pure application

You can find comparable frauds on other apps, but here is the very first time I've encountered it with this one.

I'm In NY. This woman is presumably in Manhattan. She's asian, and she's pretty attractive. Fortune! She chooses me personally, so we talk. It's a hookup software, but she's acting kinda bashful, like she doesn't realize that this is certainly purely a hookup advertising. We exchange information and text. Therefore she desires to immediately meet me. We say I'm not available. Tonight let's do it. I text within the night, and I also get absolutely nothing. Oh well, i assume she lost interest. Exactly exactly What really happened is we dodged a bullet.

That "girl" called by by herself Jennifer. We see a brand new woman the very next day, also it's also an image of a Asian girl. I am given by the girl her number, along with her name can be Jennifer. Hmm. This "Jennifer" is faster towards the punch. She also is more flirty, and so I arrive at the idea. "Wanna hook up?" She says yeah, but first, let's do "date verification" She wants an email (great to possess a spam account) and if it absolutely wasn't clearly a scam, now it really is. "She" wishes me personally to subscribe to some crappy dating site, and pay money for a premium account.

We already covered the damn software. That's quite enough. Therefore if anybody goes into a "dating verification" spiel, tell them to bang down. If just I possibly could observe they arranged this scam, and who's behind it.

Hi here, I’m the consumer solution supervisor at Pure and I also wished to explain our place with this problem.

Most people on Pure, are awesome. Nonetheless, we reside in the world that is real when you look at the real life many people suck, regrettably.

The most common ways that people suck on Pure are in our case

Ripoff Artists (when in personal talk some one might you will need to deceive you by saying if you apply for hookup clearance, or for extra money, unfortunately, it happens quite a lot that you can only have a hookup)

Camgirls (girls which are proposing to provide you with personal programs, talk sessions, members-only sites etc. for cash)

Prostitutes and escorts (offering sex for the money) and others…..

We try not to condone some of these tasks and be assured that people strive to rid the software of those individuals.

Recently we set up a residential area system that is regulatory where clients can report the scammers.

But decide to try them, those who are selling these services often slip through the cracks and creep back onto the app, with a new phone number and profile pic as we might, after we’ve deleted.

Merely to be clear, once you join Pure whether it is on an effort or paid registration, NO LONGER FINANCIAL transactions are essential. No cash is become exchanged and absolutely nothing become purchased like hookup clearance or regardless of the scam for the time is.

Should someone make this type of request of you on Pure, please use good sense as if you would anywhere, don’t easily provide your credit card details out or other information that is personal if you should be not sure of the person you might be emailing.

Into the months that are coming is likely to be placing extra systems in position that individuals wish will help reduce how many scammers regarding the software.

However for now, we count on our community people to greatly help report activities that are escort directory such. There was a thumbs down symbol towards the top of a talk session which you can use or even a scammer’s picture may be deleted (x’d) and commented upon.

We strive to create community of like minded individuals at Pure and seek to assist our people to truly have the absolute best experiences.

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